Welcome to Air Force Knowledge Online!
This wiki has been created to help a person who has had a loved one or friend join the Air Force. How do we have knowledge of this information? The information presented here is either gleaned from official Air Force websites or personal experience.

Instead of you having to scour the internet finding each and every scrap of information, we have tried to compile it here for you. We hope this wiki helps you in whatever stage you are in your journey with the Air Force! Acronyms are also linked to the acroynms page in case you don't know what a particular acronym means.

Do remember....that a wiki is always a work in progress! :) If you want to help with this Wiki, you are most definitely welcome to join! AFKO (Air Force Knowledge Online) just asks that you be a part of the military family (Veteran of the Air Force, mother/father/brother/sister of an Airman). Anything posted to the wiki needs to make sure it abides by OPSEC and is FACTUAL!

What's Currently Here:

  • Air Force Bases - Information about how to find the official websites and social media pages for our United States Air Force Bases.
  • BMT (Basic Military Training) - All kinds of information relating to the 8 1/2 weeks of BMT.
  • Graduation Weekend Information - Schedule of Events, Tips for the Weekend, Helpful Maps, Hotel Information.
  • Lackland AFB Information - Base information, rules, lodging information.
  • Military Acronyms Explained
  • Miscellaneous Military Information - Everything that didn't seem to fit anywhere else.
  • Tech School Information - Information about phases, etc.
  • FAQs